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Kiev Tourist Attractions

Ukraine is well endowed with some of the best tourist attractions and sites to see. The picturesque nature of the capital Kiev in itself is a major attraction. Once you come to this place, you would most definitely be craving to come back many other times. Statistics show that Ukraine hosts well over 23 million tourists each year. Ukraine was categorized as the world number 8 in terms of tourist numbers in the year 2007. This should offer you some assurance that this region is loved by many tourists.

If at all you are thinking of going for vacation any time soon, Ukraine is definitely an option that you cannot just choose to overlook. If you are coming here through Kiev, Kiev Airport might just be the best option in this case. Kiev is regarded by many locals and internationals as the Ukrainian jewel since it is one of the most significant historic cities in Europe even today. With a rich history that dates well back to the 5th century and a large array of remarkable monuments and landmarks, you can always rest assured that you would get some good things to see and do here.

Kiev is not very populous as such. The total population is estimated at less than 3 million people. If at all you are coming to Kiev through the airport, there are numerous attractions in this region which you can have fun with. The Kiev Opera house as referred to as Taras Shevchenko , this is the true Kiev home of opera. It is pretty magnificent. If at all you love the opera performances, this is definitely a location that you cannot choose to overlook. Even if you are not so much into Opera, the architecture of this building is well worth your time.

The October Culture palace is another awesome location to head to. This is one of the oldest buildings in this city today. The building is used partly as a concert hall and as a museum. This is one of the most vital landmarks in this place. Thousands of people flock to this place each year to get entertained and appreciate the rich history that Ukraine holds. Mariyinsky Palace is adjacent to Verkhovna Rada and is one of the oldest set ups here. Its use dates back to the 18th century. This palace was restored fully in the 1980s and therefore if you are looking for an elegant place to visit here in Kiev, this might be a better option for you.

Kiev Lavra which is a UNSECO Christian cave which dates way back to the year 1015. If you need to appreciate the real history of Kiev, this is definitely the place you need to come to. It might also be worth to note that this is among the wonders of Ukraine. If you need to appreciate the ancient fortified walls, the golden gate is the right place that you need to come to. Thousands of tourists who tickle to Kiev through Kiev Airport each year love to come and sample the rich history in this place. Probably this place might also interest you a lot if at all you were to come here.

There are many church buildings here in this region as well. The St. Vladimir’s Cathedral is one of the most significant church houses in this region. Once you just get into this place, you will definitely appreciate the interior décor details. If at all you are searching for landmarks in Kiev today, this is an option that you cannot choose to overlook. The St. Michael’s Monastery is also a very significant landmark in this region. Many people who have toured this place before would attest to the fact that this building truly takes religious design and architecture to an entirely new height.

These are just but some of the attractions that you can enjoy while you are here in Kiev. There are still many others.